July 13, 2024

13 Transformative Yoga Retreats in Florida You’ll Love!

Transformative Yoga Retreats in Florida

Ola yogis! Beginners, intermediate or advanced, no matter in which category you fit, you’ll find what you’ve been searching for in this post: the best yoga retreat in Florida!

This post has an extensive list with the top yoga retreats in Florida, which I categorized by interest and added all the details you need to know before booking. As a fellow yogi, I know what most people are looking for and I made sure to add all that (and more) here.

One thing that I will say (which you may know if you’ve booked a yoga retreat before), is that the spaces usually sell out fast, as people like to plan these yoga holidays in advance. So I’d recommend booking early to make sure you’ve secured your place.

I guess we should get on with it!

If you are in a hurry

I know, you want the best answer and fast! So look below, and you’ll find the top yoga retreats in Florida:

Eager to see all the fabulous locations of these amazing yoga retreats in Florida? Then check it out below:

1. All Inclusive Women’s Fitness Retreat – for beach lovers

1. All Inclusive Womens Fitness Retreat

Taking place on a beautiful beach, this amazing retreat Florida is perfect for yoga enthusiasts who want an all inclusive yoga holiday where everything, from the accommodation (Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach hotel), to your daily breakfast and yoga classes, is included! This is a great place to stay in Clearwater!

During this yoga retreat you can take a break from your daily life and enjoy a few days of outdoor activities, daily yoga classes, yummy food and relaxation at the spa! The hotel offers some incredible upscale amenities and even a pool where you can chill after the long yoga sessions! Besides the different yoga teachers, you’ll also get to talk with a nutritionist who can help you and give some advice regarding your eating habits.

  • Length: 5 days
  • Styles: Vinyasa, Yin, Power, Restorative, Nidra, Hatha, Aerial, Ashtanga, Dynamic, Hot
  • Price: from $2,200
  • Location: Clearwater Beach

2. Silent Outdoor Yoga & Mindfulness – a relaxing weekend

2. Silent Outdoor Yoga and Mindfulness

Who’s ready for a full weekend packed with healing sessions in a stunning location not too far from Orlando and Cocoa Beach? This Florida retreat will help you declutter your mind and body through all sorts of things like yoga and meditation sessions, breathwork, contemplation and guided meditation walks in nature plus other outdoor activities!

Take your yoga practice to the next level and learn new things if you’re a newbie in this area. During this relaxing getaway you’ll get the chance to focus solely on all things yoga, but participants will also get free time to journal, contemplate and do other solo-things!

  • Length: 3 days
  • Style: Hatha
  • Price: from US$450
  • Location: Oviedo

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3. High Vibe Yoga & Detox – a Farmland Retreat

3. High Vibe Yoga retreat with private sessions

Offering different yoga styles from vinyasa to yin yoga, this yoga retreat in Florida is awesome for those of you who feel like they need a quick detox both mentally and physically! During the retreat you’ll have a full day dedicated to a juice detox so you can cleanse your body and get it ready for all the healing sessions.

This yoga holiday offers the whole deal, and by that I mean yoga and meditation sessions, breathing exercises, holistic nutrition, and many other things! Trauma release is also a big thing that you can tap into during those days if you feel comfortable and safe of course! It’s also located in a great location to stay in Miami!

  • Length: 4 days
  • Styles: AcroYoga, General, Hatha, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin
  • Price: from US$1,100
  • Location: Miami

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4. Invoking Your Inner Goddess Kundalini Yoga – women’s retreat

4. Invoking Your Inner Goddess Kundalini Yoga Retreat

Although most yoga holidays focus a lot on the practice itself you’ll also find retreats where you can dive into other things! Just like this Key West retreat where you can pick from a pretty extensive list of private healing sessions like spiritual coaching, reiki healing, moon rituals and cacao ceremonies.

Of course you’ll also have your usual hatha yoga sessions and a massage which let me tell you will feel wonderful after all the exercise. For a few days you can forget all about your problems and really start focusing on your health and well-being. You’ll also get the space for that, and you can pick from shared or private rooms at one of the accommodations in Key West, and a daily breakfast is also included.

  • Length: 4 days
  • Styles: Hatha Yoga
  • Price: from US$3,500
  • Location: Key West

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5. Yoga & Personalized Healing- a well-rounded retreat

5. Yoga and Personalized Healing Retreat

If you’re the kind of individual who likes to put their personal touch on everything you’re doing then I think you’ll like this yoga retreat in Florida! Why? Well because it offers different private sessions where you can pick from a list of healing practices like trauma release, meditation sessions, sound healing sessions, and many others.

Taking place on Key West island which is absolutely packed with beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife and such a great vibe, this yoga vacation sounds pretty amazing! Plus you’ll also get a daily breakfast and a bike to explore around the Florida Keys and take some time to just be with yourself and start integrating what you’ve learned.

  • Length: 3 days
  • Styles: Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Acro, Nidra
  • Price: from US$3,000
  • Location: Key West

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6. Kundalini Yoga Private Retreat – for a rejuvenating holiday

6. Kundalini Yoga Private Retreat

With small groups of maximum 5 people, this amazing yoga holiday will be exactly what you need! Set in Cudjoe Key, one of the most beautiful islands in the Florida Keys, the yoga retreat will help you get in touch with your inner self through all the practices, and really get to the core of some of your problems that manifest in your everyday life.

Each day has a schedule which includes yoga and meditation sessions, breath empowerment classes, workshops, water adventures and of course some free time when you can journal, chill or explore around. So what are you waiting for, disconnect from your everyday life and rediscover your authentic self!

  • Length: 4 days
  • Styles: Kundalini
  • Price: from US$6,700
  • Location: Cudjoe Key, Florida Keys

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7. Ocean Adventure & Spa Yoga Retreat – for watersports enthusiasts

7. Ocean Adventure Spa Yoga Wellness Retreat

The sunshine state is absolutely packed with water activities! So if you’re looking to combine this yoga holiday with some fun things to do that involve the ocean, then check out this Key West yoga retreat.

It offers different yoga styles, spa sessions plus some activities like stand up paddleboarding, dolphin watch cruises, and snorkeling! Wow, lots of things to be excited for! And I think there’s no better combination than spending time in nature in a place like Key West with guided yoga and meditation classes, these 2 can do wonders for your health! You can book a private room or a shared one if you want.

  • Length: 5 days
  • Styles: Yin, Hatha Yoga, Restorative, Hot, Kundalini, General
  • Price: from US$3,700
  • Location: Key West

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8. Ocean Breeze Yoga Teacher Training – for aspiring teachers

8. Ocean Breeze Yoga Teacher Training

If you feel the calling and you know you want to become a yoga teacher, then going through yoga teacher training may be the next step for you! Although this course accepts all levers, it’s recommended to have a bit of knowledge and some basic practice in your yoga CV if we can call it that!

During this yoga teacher training you’ll learn everything from yoga asanas, meditation, anatomy, the teaching methodology, plus different yoga styles. Although you’ll have a pretty packed schedule, you’ll also get some days for excursions (which are included in the price) to visit the beach, farms, and go kayaking!

  • Length: 18 days
  • Styles: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga
  • Price: from US$3,400
  • Location: Jacksonville 

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9. Meditation & Wellness Retreat – for holistic health enthusiasts

9. Meditation and Wellness Yoga Retreat

In need of a break from all the stress and hectic lifestyle? Sounds like you should go on a yoga retreat! I always say that it’s important to take everything you’ve learned during those yoga classes and meditations sessions and apply it to your everyday life!

It’s easier to say that than to do, but it’s something that you should contemplate! But until then, let’s see what you’ll get to experience during this wellness yoga retreat! Well, you’ll get to try different yoga styles, participate in some tai chi sessions and even go for a complimentary acupuncture session and a massage! Don’t worry you’ll also have free time to hang by the pool, go cycling and chill in the hot tub!

  • Length: 8 days
  • Styles: Hatha, Sivananda, Vinyasa, Restorative
  • Price: from US$1,010
  • Location: Boca Raton 

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10. Quick Reset Detox – amazing health & yoga programs

10 Detox Yoga all inclusive yoga retreat florida

Ola yogis! Hope you’re ready to attend one of the most popular yoga retreats in the sunshine state offered by the Zen Den Yoga School! Yep, detox and yoga definitely go hand in hand as it’s important to cleanse our body so that we can do our yoga practice and meditation.

During this retreat in Boca Raton (not too far from Cocoa Beach) you’ll learn all about what a juice detox implies and you’ll also go through one together.

But don’t worry you’ll get all the support from your teachers, plus accompanied by everything else you’ll do, it won’t be so hard (even if you haven’t done this before). Your days will be filled with balancing massage sessions, different yoga flows, meditation, and some free time which you can spend at the beach or exploring around on a bike that you can rent for free!

  • Length: 4 days
  • Styles: Hatha, Sivananda, Vinyasa, Restorative
  • Price: from US$1,000
  • Location: Boca Raton 

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11. Sacred Medicine and Yoga Wellness – for beginners

11. Sacred Medicine and Yoga Wellness

Are you new to the yoga world? Well, firstly I want to say welcome and I hope you’re ready to go down the rabbit hole! Joking! Every yoga journey is beautiful and it does have its ups and downs just like in life, and during this Florida yoga retreat you’ll really get a taste of what this whole practice is all about.

The retreat includes daily yoga classes, sound healing sessions, breathwork exercises and many other things. Naturally you’ll also get accommodation in Fort Myers and a daily breakfast and other meals. Basically everything you need for a wonderful experience, all you need to bring is some yoga clothes and your eagerness to learn!

  • Length: 3 days
  • Styles: Hatha
  • Price: from US$1,200
  • Location: Fort Myers

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12. Disconnect to Reconnect Retreat – for keen yogies

12. Disconnect to Reconnect Retreat cheap

If you’re looking for an activity focused retreat where you have daily yoga sessions, fitness, and lots of outdoor activities like kayaking, biking and paddle boarding, then you’ve got to check out this one offered by the Zen Den Yoga School on Clearwater Beach.

Why do you think the most popular yoga retreats are in warm places and near the beach? Well, the high temperatures help our body become more flexible which is perfect for practicing yoga! This Florida retreat offers all-inclusive packages that include fitness evaluations, a room at Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach Hotel, nutrition guidance, and yummy meals!

  • Length: 6 days
  • Styles: Dynamic, General, Hot, Power 
  • Price: from US$3,000
  • Location: Clearwater Beach

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13. Yin & Restorative Yoga Retreat – for a zen getaway

13. Yin and Restorative Yoga Meditation Retreat

Planning your next yoga vacation? There are numerous retreat centers in Florida and Zen Den Yoga School happens to organize lots of fun yoga retreats! Just like this one which takes place in Boca Raton, just a 30 min drive from West Palm Beach.

During this retreat you’ll get to practice different yoga styles plus some tai chi sessions and of course you’ll get the usual meditation classes which will really help you go inwards and just observe your mind! Besides all these juicy practices, you’ll also get some private sessions at the spa, where you can unwind during a massage and let your whole being integrate everything you’ve done.

  • Length: 4 days
  • Styles: Hatha, Sivananda, Vinyasa, Restorative
  • Price: from US$850
  • Location: Boca Raton 

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FAQs about yoga retreats in Florida

full circle yoga school key west

🔝 Are yoga retreats worth it?

Yes, yoga retreats are so worth it as they offer you the time and space to focus on your practice, take a break for your daily life and enjoy some shared or private session of yoga, meditation or spa.

🧘 Which are the best yoga retreats in Florida for beginners?

🤔 What happens at a yoga retreat?

Usually during a yoga retreat, you’ll get to practice yoga asana, meditation, breathwork and other healing practices.

🌞 Which are the best yoga retreats that are all inclusive in Florida?

All Inclusive Women’s Fitness Retreat is one of the top yoga retreats in Florida that is all inclusive. The retreat offers great accommodation, yoga classes, and private sessions with a nutritionist.


best yoga retreats in Florida for beginners

Sun, yoga and yummy food. I mean you’ve just got yourself the perfect recipe for an unforgettable holiday!

Now that we’ve gone through this list and hopefully found your favorite Florida yoga retreat, we can wrap it up.

But I always like to leave you something extra. So in case you’re having a hard time deciding which retreat to pick, here are my top 2 favorite yoga retreats in Florida:

Don’t forget that it’s super important to book your spot in advance, especially if you’re flying from a foreign country and you need to plan the whole trip! These are some of the best yoga retreats in Florida and they’ll fill out super fast!

Enjoy this transformative time, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Have a great practice,


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