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21 TOP Thai Massages in Chiang Mai • Sorted by Style & Place

top Thai Massages in Chiang Mai

Looking for a place to get a good Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Well, good news for you, this is where you’ll find it!

I have been to Chiang Mai twice and stayed for some time there, so of course I tried several massage parlors! Prices are so cheap in Chiang Mai, averaging around 350 baht (US$10) for a 1 hour massage, but not all the places offer the same good service, so I wanted to write this post to help save you time and money searching for the perfect one!

In this post you’ll find all the best massages in Chiang Mai divided based on the location (Chiang Mai Old City and Nimman), and on the type of massage: traditional Thai massages, deep tissue massages, cheap massages, and also home massage services.

Whichever massage you are looking for, you will find it here… so let’s start checking them all out together!

If you are in a hurry

Here are the best spas and places for a massage in Chiang Mai, sorted by massage type:

1. Best massages in Chiang Mai Old City

If you are staying in Chiang Mai Old Town, or you are just visiting the area and you just want to take a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the city life, here you will find many massage places and spas.

From traditional Thai massages, foot massages, oil massages and more, in the list below you will find something for any taste. So let’s check out all the best places for massages in Old Town, one of the most touristic areas to stay in Chiang Mai city:


Fah Lanna spa, Chiang Mai – most luxurious spa

Fah Lanna Spa is one of the most well-known massage places in Mueang Chiang Mai District, located right by the Night Bazaar. I really wanted to go here back when I was traveling on a very tight budget years earlier, but hey, I recently came back to Chiang Mai again and treated myself to a nice 2 hour package (a facial and a full body massage).

The place is made in a traditional style, it seems idyllic and calm. The prices are higher than the majority of other massage places in the city, but still very affordable compared to Western standard prices (I paid about 80 USD for 2 hours). I recommend it to people who are really into the aesthetic of a massage parlor and want to splurge a little. You can book a Thai massage, a steam bath, or a full body scrub through the official website or GetYourGuide.

NOTE: Fah Lanna actually has 2 locations – one in the Old Town and one in Nimman, but the Old Town one is nicer looking and bigger in my opinion.

Location: Fah Lanna spa, Chiang Mai 

Cheeva Spa – best for aromatherapy massages

Located just outside the border of Chiang Mai Old City, in Mueang Chiang Mai District, this spa has a very familiar atmosphere and offers many spa options and entire body treatments with natural, organic products. The most popular are the aromatherapy massage, facials, and foot massages: you’ll rarely get a better massage than the ones offered here!

Location: Cheeva Spa

Oasis Spa – a unique day spa

This Chiang Mai massage parlor is located in the Old City right next to the Wat Prasing Temple and features an exquisite day spa and many spa treatments and massages using practices of Northern Thailand’s golden era, combined with most modern therapies. They even provide free round-trip shuttle service from anywhere in Chiang Mai city!

Location: Oasis Spa

Makkha Health & Spa, Colonial Gardens – best natural massage

Set in an ancient house in Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, this spa offers treatments with 100% natural products, extracted from medicinal plants, almonds, and flowers. In this spa, each masseuse is highly skilled and focuses on a deep understanding of massage techniques and the body. Most of the massages are given in a private twin bedroom with double showers… perfect for couples who want to take a Thai massage together!

Location: Makkha Health & Spa, Colonial Gardens

The Giving Tree – for great value package deals

Located in the heart of Chiang Mai Old City, this massage parlor offers many package deals and great service, and you will notice that as soon as you step inside! In fact, they will welcome you with a plate of cookies before taking you to your private room with air conditioning to get your relaxing massage. The staff here is super attentive and eager to adapt to your body’s needs. So if you are in pain or want to be pressed a bit stronger, just say so!

Location: The Giving Tree

Zira Spa – luxury for a fraction of the cost

If you want to get luxury service at very reasonable prices, this incredible spa is for you, featuring 36 private and luxury spa rooms. Here you will get a true experience from the beginning to the end: the masseuse will wash your feet in scented floral water and bring you to your private room with a massage table, mood lighting, and calm music. Any treatment you will get here, will fully recharge and rejuvenate both your body and mind!

P.S.: Zira Spa has been named the Top Choice Spa in Chiang Mai by Lonely Planet and the top travelers choice from the World Luxury Spa Awards and TripAdvisor!

Location: Zira Spa

Chinola Massage – best traditional Thai massage

This small, intimate spa, located in District Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand, is one of the top-rated places in all of Chiang Mai if you want a traditional Thai Massage. On your arrival, you’ll be welcomed with a coconut tea that you can sip while choosing one of the many treatments available, from Thai massages to reflexology treatments!

Location: Chinola Massage

Supattra Blind Massage – best deep tissue massage

This spa located in SriPoom Rd Lane offers a relaxing and healing Thai massage, perfect if you need to fix issues in your whole body. They have a special masseuse for this kind of massage who is strong and thorough, and will give you an intense and sometimes painful massage but it’s so worth it! And if you want a more relaxing massage ask for one of the other members of staff.

NOTE: if you want a strong massage, you have to book slightly in advance because it is very requested!

Location: Supattra Blind Massage

Lila Thai Massage Prapokklao – spa with a dessert store

This is one of the 6 Lila Thai Massage’s massage parlors in Chiang Mai, even offering a dessert store where you can treat yourself after getting your relaxing Thai massage. Here they are famous for their Thai massages: they will let you choose the essential oils’ smell and give you tea after the treatment… you will love it!

Location: Lila Thai Massage Prapokklao

2. Best massages in Nimman area

If you’re not staying in Chiang Mai Old City, chances are that you are staying in Nimman, the coolest area in the city and super popular among the digital nomad community.

If you are working remotely and you want to release the tension you get in your back from all the time spent sitting in front of a laptop, there are many places and spas where you can do that… let’s check them out:

Gentle Massage & Spa – to avoid the crowds

This spa is fancier and has more expensive prices of around 700 baht (US$20) for a massage, but definitely has some advantages. My massage therapist was great, and she took longer than she was supposed to, plus you don’t lay on the floor with other people (as in the normal massage places in Chiang Mai) but you have your own room with a private bathroom, and they take credit cards… not so common in Chiang Mai!

The only disadvantage is that they don’t speak very good English here (quite common but you just need to bring Google Translator with you), but you actually get more than what you pay for!.

Location: Gentle Massage & Spa

Heng Heng Massage – my favorite massage in Chiang Mai

This Chiang Mai massage parlor is not super popular but it is my favorite so far… I found it through Google reviews: there were not many but they were all 5 stars so I had to try it! The place is relatively simple, with normal prices for a massage (350 baht / US$10 for 1 hour), and my masseuse was REALLY good, so I asked for her name (Gip), but the owner said all therapists are as good and I tend to believe her, the service was exceptional!

Location: Heng Heng Massage

Herb massage at Nimman – for muscle pain

I definitely recommend this health spa as it is pretty good, it offers very affordable prices, and provides a quiet and comfortable environment. The place is perfect if you want to cure your aches and body pains. The staff is very knowledgeable about muscles so can give you advice as well (don’t be afraid to ask, they’re super friendly!)

Location: Herb massage at Nimman

Nimman House – the best traditional thai massage in Nimman

If you want to get a Thai massage in Nimman, this is the place to be, offering a very soothing atmosphere and luxury service for very reasonable prices. Once you choose your treatment, the masseuse will bring you to a private room with soft lighting and music where you will be able to fully relax and forget about everything else!

Location: Nimman House, Thai Massage

Vintage Thai Massage – top cheap massage

This massage spa provides exceptional service for very cheap prices. I tried the foot massage, and it was just amazing: they close the curtains of your private room, the chairs are reclaimable (very comfy), they put soft music on… I almost fell asleep! They also have an area upstairs where they do normal massages and they are pretty affordable with prices around 250 baht (US$7) for 1 hour (less than the average price).

Location: Vintage Thai Massage

3. Top massages outside the Old City and Nimman

In case you are still looking for the perfect massage to heal your mind, body, and soul, or if you aren’t staying in the areas listed above, I decided to add a few more incredible massages that stand out above the rest!

  • Lanna Come Spa – Located a little east of Chiang Mai Old City, this health spa offers a wide menu of traditional massages (Thai massage, Ayurvedic massages, oil massage, stone massages, and more), plus a new Thong Phaya Lanna Massage. This is a three-hour experience that is definitely worth trying, using techniques of the ancient Lanna kingdom with the aim to energize the body’s aura and bring you fortune, energy and love!
  • Srimantra Spa, Chiang Mai – If you are looking for a strong deep tissue massage, this is one of the best places in town for that (they can do a normal body massage too if you ask but is not what they are famous for). I like strong massages, so I was happy with it, but it was literally one of the strongest I had, so if you don’t like that much pressure I wouldn’t recommend it to you. The place also has a super cool decor and looks like the Flintstone house, check it out!
  • Peak Spa & Beauty Salon – This Chiang Mai massage parlor is famous for its deep tissue oil massage, without being excessively strong, so it’s a good compromise if you’re not really used to that kind of massage. But the place also offers other massages like body scrub and wraps, deep cleansing sea salt scrub, detoxes, Thai herbal wraps, and milky baths in a jacuzzi tub.
  • Kiyora Spa – This is the best spa if you want to get a Thai massage with a veery strong pressure with some stretching, but you can actually choose the level of pressure so if you don’t like pain don’t choose level 10, which is the toughest one. The staff offers top notch service and is very courteous, professional and well skilled… I definitely recommend it!
  • Zabai Spa Chiang Mai – If you are looking for a wallet-friendly place to have a massage, Zabai Spa Chiang Mai is the spot for you, located right near the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar! This cozy little spa is a favorite among local Thai people in the city. It has a rustic charm, 5-star service, and a super lovely staff… check it out!
  • Massage Shivagakomarpaj (Old Medicine Hospital) – If you want to have a proper Thai massage at very cheap prices, this is definitely one of the best places in town, associated with the Old Medical Hospital Thai massage school (but don’t worry, all masseuses have proper training and quality level guaranteed!). Here you can get a massage both in the shared room or private rooms, and there’s also a herbal steam sauna: take advantage of the promotion sauna + massage at early times of the day!

BONUS: Best home massage service in Chiang Mai

Best home massage service in Chiang Mai

If you are in Chiang Mai but you prefer to get a massage from the comfort of your hotel room, rental house, or even office, the RLAX app provides massage services in Chiang Mai, Phuket and Bangkok with trained massage professionals.

All the massage therapists provided by the app are fully qualified and accredited by the Ministry of Public Health, and trained with the Thai Oasis Spa School, one of the most acclaimed day spa companies in Thailand!

You can choose from a wide number of massage types, even more than the ones you usually find in massage parlors, from oil massages to aromatherapies, head/foot/back massages, deep Thai massages, full body massages, office syndrome massages, and many more.

Whichever massage you will book can be for 1 or 2 people, and can last 60, 90 or 120 minutes, so prices will depend on the duration and type of massage, starting from 690 baht for 1 hour (about $20).

You don’t need to prepare anything, just choose your favorite body treatment and the therapist will bring all the equipment to you… how easy and great is that?

Book Your Home Massage!

FAQs about Thai massages in Chiang Mai, Thailand

fanciest places for a Thai massage in Chiang Mai

💆🏽 Where can you get the best massages in Chiang Mai, Thailand?

🧖 Where can you get the best cheap massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The best places to get a good massage for cheap prices in Chiang Mai, Thailand, are Zira Spa or Vintage Thai Massage, both offering exceptional service at very reasonable prices.

⭐ Which are the fanciest places for a Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand?

The fanciest places to get a Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, are Fah Lanna Spa, located in Mueang Chiang Mai District, and Gentle Massage & Spa, in the Nimman district

💵 How much is a Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand?

Prices for a normal Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, are usually around 350 baht / US$10 an hour.


Best cheap massage in Chiang Mai Thailand 1

Here we are at the end of this very extensive guide about all the best Thai massages in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We saw many massage shops and spas, offering any kind of treatment. So whether you’re looking for a foot massage, an oil massage, a body scrub, a traditional Thai massage, a deep tissue massage or more, you will find it here! 

We have been through too many options that I’m sure you may still be having a hard time remembering them, here are my favorite ones in Chiang Mai to help you out:

  • Fah Lanna Spa, Chiang Mai – One of the best massage places in Chiang Mai Old City if you want to splurge, located in Mueang Chiang Mai District!
  • Chinola Massage – This intimate small spa is one of the top-rated spas in Chiang Mai (located in district Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand).

And remember, if you want to get a relaxing massage directly from the comfort of your hotel room, rental house, or even office, check out the RLAX app!

If you know other massage places or you have any questions for me, please share them in the comments below, I’m looking forward to answering you!

Have the best massage experience!


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