June 23, 2024

26 Magical St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

Kids (and let’s face it, teachers) love an opportunity to celebrate, so here are some St. Patrick’s Day–themed crafts to try for the holiday. While a good craft is always fun, some of these activities also incorporate math and literacy skills. We especially love anything that includes green, green, and more green (think green play dough). You’ll also find plenty of shamrocks, rainbows, and pots of gold! Check out our complete list of the best St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids.

1. Painted rocks

Multiple rocks are shown painted for St. Patrick's Day (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

Go on a nature walk with your students to collect rocks, then get to work spicing them up for St. Patrick’s Day. Be sure to use acrylic paints if you plan to put them outside since other paints will wash off with the rain or snow. Add a little social-emotional learning to this project by having your students spread them around their neighborhood or school grounds to promote kindness.

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2. Shamrock salt painting

The top shows paint being applied to a painting. The bottom shows a raised shamrock in rainbow colors.

First, use white glue to draw shamrocks on paper. Then have your students sprinkle salt over the glue and shake off the excess. Finally, have your students paint them with watercolors before the glue dries.

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3. Paper plate rainbow

A paper plate is cut into a rainbow shape and painted rainbow colors. Shamrocks hang down from it like a mobile and white clouds are made of cotton at either end (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

This rainbow mobile is just so cute! You will need paper plates, poster paints, string, green construction paper, glue sticks, and cotton.

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4. Leprechaun puppet

A cute leprechaun puppet is made from a paper bag (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

You can pre-cut pieces out of card stock if you’re doing this craft with younger grades, but older kids can cut their own. In addition to card stock and paper bags, you will also want to have some orange yarn, buttons, googly eyes, and maybe some cute shamrock stickers.

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5. St. Patrick’s Day sensory bin

two small children are shown in front of two tubs of water with St. Patrick's Day items floating int it (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

Fill some plastic bins with water, then load them with fun St. Patrick’s Day–themed items like gold coins and green foam shamrocks. Provide your students with scoops of some sort to have fun fishing items out of the bins.

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6. Shamrock bookmarks

shamrock bookmarks are made from coloring sheets attached to green cardstock (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

Use the free printable below to create coloring sheets for your students to color and attach to green card stock so they can have their very own shamrock bookmark. You can also attach some pretty green ribbon to the top to really jazz up those bookmarks. St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids that inspire reading are some of the best!

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7. Play dough fun

A green bin is separated into sections that are filled with green play dough and sparkly shamrocks (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

You can make green play dough for your classroom from a number of different recipes, but store-bought will work just fine too. Find some fun, green St. Patrick’s Day–themed items for your students to use with their play dough.

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8. Friendship bracelets

A child's hand is shown wearing a bracelet that has been constructed from pipe cleaners and different shades of green beads (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

Need a St. Patrick’s Day craft in a hurry? Then this is the craft for you! This is so easy to throw together since all you will need are some green pipe cleaners and beads.

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9. Froot Loop rainbows

Two marshmallows serve as the base for a rainbow that is made from a curved pipe cleaner with froot loops strung on it.

Equal parts tasty and cute, this rainbow will be sure to delight your students. Keep extra marshmallows and Froot Loops on hand since your little chefs will want to sneak a few!

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10. Rainbow chain

Different color construction paper are cut into strips and looped together to form a chain. A pot of gold is at the bottom.

Regardless of whether you made a chain to count down to your favorite holiday or your birthday, most of us probably remember making something similar. We especially love that all you will need is construction paper, glue, scissors, and staples.

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11. St. Patrick’s Day wreath

A wreath is constructed from orange, green, and white shamrocks.

Cut a wreath shape out of cardboard and let your students paint shamrocks and tissue paper with dot markers (less mess than regular paints). Finally, put it all together for a cute gift for someone at home.

12. Marshmallow shamrock stamps

A shamrock is created on a page using a large white marshmallow as a stamp dipped in green paint (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

This craft is so simple but so cute. Grab some jumbo marshmallows and green paint, then let your students get to work.

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13. Edible necklace

A necklace is constructed of froot loops strung together. A shamrock is at the center with the name Cate.

Have your students practice their cutting and writing skills on the shamrocks, then have them string their necklaces together. Again, be sure to have extra Froot Loops on hand for snacking!

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14. Skittles rainbow experiment

A plate has rainbow colored skittles around the edges that are bleeding toward the center where there is a shamrock (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

What better time to do this fun craft that doubles as a science experiment than during your St. Patrick’s Day celebration? Your students will get a kick out of tasting and seeing the rainbow!

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15. Leprechaun hat pencil holder

A pencil holder is made to look like a leprechaun hat (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

You will need a toilet paper roll (or something similar), some green yarn, and green, black, and gold card stock to create this adorable cup holder. Kids will love displaying all their pens, pencils, and other personal items in their new creation.

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16. Pot of Gold writing prompt

A rainbow chain has a pot of gold at the end that says If I found a pot-o-gold, I would...

St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids can incorporate writing prompts as well! Get your students thinking about what they would do if they found a pot-’o-gold.

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17. Leprechaun trap

A leprechaun trap is created from a box painted green with a Popsicle stick ladder and clouds and a rainbow on top.

No list of St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids would be complete without a leprechaun trap. Have your students bring in a box from home or save all those Amazon boxes so they can be put to good use! Provide students with paint, Popsicle sticks, stickers, and anything else you think they might like to use to trap those pesky leprechauns!

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18. Sight word shamrocks

A box is covered with green construction paper and has sight words written on it in black marker. Shamrocks with the sight words are attached to Popsicle sticks and stuck in the box by the correct sight word.

Cover a box with green construction paper, write sight words on the top, and then cut slits in them using scissors or a knife. Finally, write sight words on shamrocks, tape them to a Popsicle stick, and insert them by the correct word.

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19. Gold coin sorting

Black pots are cut out with numbers on them reading, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Plastic coins are placed on each shamrock in the amount matching the number (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids can be fun while also teaching math! Have your students draw and cut some pots out of black card stock, then practice writing numbers on each pot. Provide the kids with a bucket of gold so they can fill their pots with the correct number of coins. We especially love these pretend gold coins from Amazon.

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20. Shamrock plant

A 3-D plant is made from carstock. The pot is a rainbow and the shamrocks are the flowers.

Download the printable to create this oh so cute 3D shamrock plant with your students.

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21. Rainbow music makers

Tubes are shown with rainbow strips on them. A pot of gold is at the bottom and the top looks like a cloud (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

This project is not for the faint of heart since the prep and materials needed are extensive, but the end result is totally worth it. This craft can be equally effective as an art or music project since the sound of the rice inside the toilet paper roll makes for a nice instrument.

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22. Rainbow lacing

A green paper plate has holes cut in it with rainbow yarn sewn through it.

Have your students use a hole punch to create a design in a green paper plate, then let them string rainbow yarn throughout. Besides being a cute craft, this project is great for working on kids’ fine motor skills.

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23. St. Patrick’s Day wands

The top of the image says lucky rainbow fairy wands. It shows a rainbow stick with a green shamrock on top and gold ribbon dangling down (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

Kids will definitely love making these lucky wands. You’ll need wooden dowels, gradient rainbow yarn, green felt, and gold ribbon. Have a variety of ribbons and yarn on hand so the kids can really personalize them.

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24. Rainbow binoculars

Binoculars are made from two toilet paper rolls covered in rainbow colored paper.

Have your students tape or glue two toilet paper rolls together and then have them decorate them with strips of different-colored paper. Add some shamrocks and ribbon for good measure.

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25. Color by number

A color by number sheet shows a pot of gold. (St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids)

Everyone loves a good color by number so why not incorporate this cute printable into your March activities? This is the perfect activity for early finishers.

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26. Mosaic paper shamrocks

A shamrock is made of small squares of patterned paper, as an example of St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids.

St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids are the perfect opportunity to work on patterns! Provide your students with a variety of papers for them to cut into squares and use to decorate their shamrocks.

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How will you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your classroom? Share in the comments below.

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