5 Types of People you should Never Marry

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Marriage is lifetime fidelity. One must consider before taking steps forward to marriage. In a love marriage, some understanding can be expected between two individuals, whereas in an arranged marriage, both are new to each other. In the latter, you cannot judge anything from the first meeting. In the engagement phase, one can find the actual color of their partner, and some can even miss it. The love calculator can help you check the compatibility between you and your partner before marriage to make a wise decision about your marriage.

Here, we discuss about five types of people you should never marry to save yourself from unwanted grief.

The Egotist

An egotist or narcissist is someone who is overly self-centered and has a surged sense of self-importance. They are controlling, crude, and always expect attention and admiration from others. Marrying an egotist can be a nightmare, as they will always make partners carry their opinions and needs. They will constantly belittle you, make you feel inferior, and influence you to get what they want. A relationship with an egotist is evil and can lead to emotional and psychological abuse. Before choosing your partner, analyzing the predictions through the love calculator can help avoid unnecessary marriage conflicts.

The Addict

A person with an addiction is someone dependent on a narcotic substance or behavior. The substance could be alcohol, drugs, gambling, or even work. Marrying and living with a person with an addiction is a deadly challenge, as their addiction will always prevail. They will constantly lie, invoke, and deceive you to feed them. Living with an addict can be financially and emotionally depleting, and it can take a toll on your mental health. Studying horoscopes with the love calculator before marriage, you can scrutinize all the features of your partner for a better life.

The Abuser

An abuser is a person who does physical, emotional, or verbal abuse to control their partner. They tend to be brutal, aggressive, and controlling. Marrying such people can be perilous, as they will never hesitate to use violence to attain what they want. They will constantly ill-treat their partners, make them feel low, and isolate their partners from friends and family. A relationship with an abuser can be grave, and it is best to stay away from such individuals.


They are otherwise ‘Autocrats’ who strongly desire to control every aspect of their partner’s life. They are overprotective, jealous, and insecure. They will constantly watch their partners in every move and dictate who their partners can talk to and what they can do. Marrying a bossy can be suffocating, as they will not give freedom to their partners to show originality. They will always try to change them to fit their dream image, leading to conflicts and arguments in the relationship. The love calculator predictions will help you stay away from such dreadful partnerships.



A cheater is someone who is disloyal and has past cheating in their relationships. They cannot constantly commit to one person and are always looking for someone new. Marrying a perpetual cheater can be shattering, as they will never be satisfied with just one person. They will constantly cheat their partners, which can lead to issues related to beliefs and insecurities in the relationship.

Marriage is a big decision, and the wise choice of your life partner is essential. The five types of people mentioned above are toxic and can harm one’s life. Recognizing the red flags before getting into a serious relationship with such personalities is necessary. It is better to be single than to be in a toxic and unhealthy marriage. However, considering the love calculator predictions will help make a beautiful and peaceful marriage.

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