Amanda Lawrence (84KG) Breaks Three IPF Raw World Records at 2023 Sheffield Championships

A dwelling legend provides an additional fabled tale to her tale.

Amanda Lawrence entered the 2023 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Sheffield Powerlifting Championships with nothing at all to verify. The athlete was previously a Planet Winner, with many planet records to her identify scattered all more than. Still, she outdid herself all over again in any case.

On Mar. 25, 2023, Lawrence applied the Sheffield, England, lifting system as a trademark showcase of her power. In a fourth-area in general effectiveness, the athlete recorded 3 uncooked IPF Environment Information on her squat (246.5 kilograms/543.4 lbs), deadlift (268.5 kilograms/591.9 lbs .), and full (645 kilograms/1,421.9 pounds). Her deadlift is the heaviest in IPF heritage among female competitors.

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For every Lifting Forged, the Sheffield contest was judged on a human body bodyweight-to-energy ratio, and it observed 52-kilogram (114-pound) lifter Evie Corrigan just take dwelling the victory with a 459-kilogram (1,014.1-pound) overall.

Lawrence weighed in at 83.4 kilograms (183.8 lbs). She wore a lifting belt for her deadlift a belt, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps for her squat and judging by the digicam angle of her bench press, she had no further supportive devices adorned.

Listed here is an overview of Lawrence’s major stats from her effectiveness at the 2023 Sheffield Championships:

Amanda Lawrence (84KG) | 2023 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships Best Stats

  • Squat — 246.5 kilograms (543.4 pounds) | IPF Uncooked 84-kilogram history
  • Bench Press — 130 kilograms (286.6 kilos)
  • Deadlift — 268.5 kilograms (591.9 lbs .) | IPF Uncooked 84-kilogram record Heaviest women’s deadlift in IPF Historical past
  • Total — 645 kilograms (1,421.9 lbs .) | IPF Uncooked 84-kilogram record

On her Instagram, Lawrence was appropriately succinct with a reflection on her standard superstar-amount efficiency.

“You could say a handful of entire world information fell yesterday. I’M Again,” Lawrence wrote.

It appears to be very likely that Lawrence, a three-time IPF Environment Winner (2019, 2021-2022), will add another title to her belt this summer at the 2023 IPF Worlds in Valletta, Malta. As these types of, Lawrence is placing her sights on a different ambition: the 1st 272-kilogram (600-pound) deadlift in women’s IPF powerlifting heritage.

“600 lbs will tumble, you have nonetheless to see my ultimate sort,” Lawrence wrote.

The social media reveal of these kinds of objectives following a file-laden satisfy drew the attention of other noteworthy powerlifting stars like Jessica Buettner, Jesus Olivares, and Russel Orhii. Buettner simply commented with some hearth emojis, Olivares expressed his pleasure in his peer, and Orhii possibly set it finest: “This girl is distinct.”

Sure, indeed, Lawrence is very various.

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At this stage of her vocation, Lawrence is a lot more of a pioneer than a powerlifter. Not only is she extending the distance between herself and her level of competition she’s seemingly breaking ground some could possible have only ever dreamed of.

Showcased graphic: @miss.amanda.ann on Instagram

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