June 23, 2024

Automotive Disc Brake Market is Expected Grasp the Value with Excellent CAGR by , Size, Share, Dynamic Trends, Growth and Competitive Outlook

In addition, the global automotive disc brake market size is expected to rise at a CAGR of 7%, with a value of USD 19.30 billion during the projected 2023-2032.

An automobile brake booster is a safety feature that helps with smooth brake activation and reduces the amount of pedal effort needed for stopping. It is put in front of the driver’s knees, beneath the hood of a car, or on the engine compartment’s firewall. It is a preventative braking technique used to reduce the likelihood of brake failure, produce an efficient braking system, and provide assistance in the event of panic braking. Additionally, it ensures the car can stop smoothly and decelerate safely.

Brake boosters quickly replace mechanical and hydraulic braking systems in automobiles because they help lighten the vehicle’s weight and provide more safety and comfort. Furthermore, manufacturers are forced to incorporate premium brake booster systems and active vehicle safety technologies like regenerative braking, traction control system, anti-lock braking system, and electronic stability program in updated car models due to the rising demand for these features.

Automotive Disc Brake Market Key Players

·         EBC Brakes (UK)

·         Nissin Kogyo Co.

·         Ltd (Japan)

·         TRW Automotive (US)

·         Aisin Seiki Co.

·         Ltd (Japan)

·         Haldex AB (Sweden)

·         Mando Automotive India Private Limited (India)

·         Federal-Mogul Motorparts LLC. (US)

They are also sponsoring research and development initiatives for the automotive disc brake market with cutting-edge products that are compatible with electric and hybrid cars. In addition, factors like strict safety regulations and a greater emphasis on a vehicle’s performance and efficiency have motivated manufacturers to concentrate on brake distribution and booster technologies in the passenger car market. The expanding automotive sector, new auto part manufacturers, and rising global vehicle ownership drive demand for automobile brake boosters.

Automotive Disc Brake Market Segmentation:

The global automotive disc brake market has been segmented into three sections type, vehicle type, and regional basis. The type section has divided the market into fixed, floating, and sliding calipers. With the vehicle type, the automotive disc brake market is further divided into passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy commercial vehicles on a regional basis. The market is divided into the following five regions: Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Automotive Disc Brake Market Regional Analysis:

Due to the availability of cheap labor and raw materials, manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific area continue to dominate the automotive disc brake market and provide significant cost savings. The area includes nations like China and India, which account for around 34% of global automobile manufacturing. The rising popularity of active braking systems increases the sales of luxury and premium automobiles.

The firm’s main goal is to provide durable, dependable, and eco-friendly braking systems. To enhance their market shares and guarantee healthy growth, the major companies have made significant expenditures in research and development.

Furthermore, more safety measures, particularly in mid-level automobiles, have been included due to India’s growing accident rate. The Indian government has mandated that all automakers install anti-lock braking systems in their vehicles by April 2019 to reduce similar tragedies. Due to the absence of ABS and strict government emissions and safety regulations, 2-wheeler models like the Hero Karizma and Bajaj V15 and automobile models like the Hyundai Eon, Honda Brio, Fiat Punto, and Tata Bolt were discontinued.

Automotive Disc Brake Industrial News:

Automakers continually develop new features to make driving cars more enjoyable and safe. Players regularly create anti-lock braking systems, electronic stability control, and anti-collision technologies to make safer and better cars. The third version of the anti-lock braking system, created by Continental AG, reacts to vehicles traveling too fast while delivering safer, more manageable, and optimal brake performance.

Automotive Disc Brake Market Segmentation

By Type

·         Fixed

·         Floating

·         Sliding Caliper

By Vehicle Type

·         Passenger Car (Pc)

·         Light Commercial Vehicle (Lcv)

·         Heavy Commercial Vehicle (Hcv)

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