Why Multichannel Customer Support?

With the growing number of channels for reaching the audience and the customer support alternatives, many business organizations who are communicating with the user’s choice of mode are actually experiencing a better level of customer satisfaction.

Although the traditional mode of phone call and email are still preferred by the consumers, the other platforms slowly start making their position like SMS, social media and live chat became popular lately.

But why it is important to keep a good hold on existing and potential customers through multi-channel methods?

The main aim of multi-channel service is to offer various options to the customer from which they can pick the one through which they want to communicate with your brand in case if they have a query or complaint.

Advantages of adopting multi-channel customer support

  1. Increase in customer satisfaction: In this techno world, digital modes like live chat, social media and web conferencing have changed the method of communication and finding information. Though, phone support and email support still contribute in the business, but avoiding these digital channels is quite risky and indicates business ignorance.
  2. Enhances the base within international clients: If you are planning to spread your web across the globe then yes multi channel can help you in numerous ways. Having more than one channel will actually reduce the business overheads. In this regard, live chat is useful for keeping in touch with the audience.
  3. Improving customer relations: Its consumer tendency as they are bit nervous while making a first online purchase. Therefore, its business’s responsibility to look for multiple channels for customer-driven support strategies. It will help them to discuss their issues or approach to live chat expert easily. For live chat service provider contact Live Chat agent for more details.
  4. Social Media- a new approach to bind customers: Being in technology advanced world, users find it easy to have their say. It directly influences the purchase decisions as well as customer loyalty. Therefore, the only option left with the businesses is they cannot ignore social media for their marketing and consumer service channel.
  5. Adding value to product and service: Multi channel contact lets the businesses to select the effective and efficient mode for satisfying the customer, that too in a cost effective way. The issue businesses is facing these days on which channel to focus and deploy.

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Live Chat Support Benefits That You May Know

If you are in an online business, you probably know that a live chat support operators gives proactive response to the visitors on your website. In the same way, you may be aware that live chat and instant messenger are quite similar, as both permit you to share files and images. When you use this chat support, you’ll come to know the advantages how it is much enhanced in comparison to email, phone support, and other related communication sources.

List of advantages that you can get with live chat:

  • Helps in reducing expenses.
  • Boost sales.
  • Enhanced customer service and loyalty.
  • Know customer’s point of view.
  • Instant problem resolution.
  • Offers convenience to customers.
  • Help in business augmentation.
  • Proactive response to your customers.
  • Reports and analytics, etc.

Helps in reducing expenses: Phone support has become a traditional method for customers and it proves costly both in terms of money and time. Live chat is much cheaper than phone support.

Boost sales: Studies prove that live chat increase your business conversions by 20% and customers use live chat three times to make purchase. It proves as an effective method for a number of reasons.

Enhanced customer service and loyalty: Live chat permits you to solve the problems easily and give moment answer to questions about your products and services assurance to your customers.

Know customer’s point of view: With live chat, you have a record of chat histories. Therefore, management can find out the problems and needs and can address and resolve them in effective ways.

Instant problem resolutions: With live chat, a representative can push links to help customers and to solve queries. Instead of walking with resolutions methods step by step, you can link a visitor to a document or content directly.

Offer convenience to customers: Your website visitors get proactive response and instant access to sales people and support staff.

Help in business augmentation: Live chat helps you to reach the regions where it was not possible earlier. Therefore, when a customer visits your website from any region, you can welcome the person with same response and consideration.

Reports and analytics: With chat histories, you can track the daily visitor’s ratio and relevant reports to monitor performance.


Proactive chat service helps in implementing strategies to draw more traffic.