July 13, 2024

Ford patents EV four-wheel burnouts

Ford has submitted a patent application for a burnout manner for electrical automobiles, allowing EVs to smoke their front tires, rear tires, or all 4.

Initially spotted by CarBuzz, a Ford application for an “electrified car functionality mode with intentional wheel spin for tire heating” was posted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office environment (USPTO) on March 2, right after being originally submitted on Aug. 30, 2021.

Ford EV burnout mode patent image

Ford EV burnout mode patent picture

In the software, Ford discusses braking 1 axle whilst making use of power to an additional to spin the tires to “supply a peel out and involved heating or cigarette smoking of the tires to make improvements to traction and offer a visual exhibit of power.” In other words and phrases, a burnout.

Using the brakes to keep a car in location when spinning the wheels appears very similar to the line-lock operate previously observed on the Ford Mustang, but applied to all-wheel drive EVs with motors powering both axles. That indicates the burnout method can be made use of with the entrance wheels or rear wheels. Accompanying sketches demonstrate smoke clouds rolling off each and every established of wheels. The auto depicted is a Ford Mustang Mach-E, but that isn’t going to suggest this element is destined for that design, as Ford hasn’t confirmed the burnout mode for production.

Ford EV burnout mode patent image

Ford EV burnout manner patent impression

The application also mentions “a sequential maneuver that spins the tires of the 1st axle adopted by the tires of the second axle,” possibly permitting for four-wheel burnouts. This would be activated by “specified manipulation of the brake pedal and accelerator pedal,” according to the software.

Ford has tried out to show off the hooning potential of EVs with the Mustang Mach-E 1400, which can easily spin all 4 tires thanks to seven motors creating 1,400 hp. It is really unlikely that these a powertrain will stop up in a street vehicle, but this burnout manner would seem like a much more plausible way to up the pleasurable aspect of EVs customers can essentially get.

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