Joe Mackey Crushes a 449-Kilogram (990-Pound) Hack Squat For 5 Reps

Mackey created this considerably unconventional lift search uncomplicated.

When Joe Mackey would make information, it is usually since the simultaneous powerlifter and bodybuilder capped off some sort of remarkable feat of energy. His most new screen of power was a fitting motive to make some headlines.

On Mar. 27, 2023, Mackey shared an Instagram movie of himself finishing a monstrous 449-kilogram (990-pound) hack squat for five reps. The athlete only utilized a lifting belt and some knee sleeves for help and aid for the duration of the carry. He produced confident to condition that he used no resistance bands, which some bodybuilders use to assist the reduced portion of the lift. It’s certainly a fitting energy screen for anyone accustomed to generating jaws fall.

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Simply because of the positioning of the hack squat device, athletes who complete reps may possibly uncover it far more tough if their quad toughness is not up to par. The hack squat restrictions how a lifter can recruit their glutes, hamstrings, and upper overall body to entire a repetition. Mackey, in convert, executing 5 reps with nearly 1,000 lbs . is a incredible example of his exceptional quad presents.

In his Instagram article, Mackey writes that he’s the strongest International Federation of Bodybuilding and Physical fitness (IFBB) Pro League deadlifter in the entire world. It is unclear if this moniker is accurate for the reason that bodybuilders do not showcase their pulling functionality in any official or verifiable capability. That stated, with a 412.8-kilogram (910-pound) deadlift own uncooked competitiveness greatest at the Iron Wars VII, Mackey indeed could keep the best location.

The only other bodybuilding competitor who may review to Mackey’s deadlift prowess is the legendary Ronnie Coleman. The icon pulled 362.8 kilograms (800 pounds) through the yr 2000. Having said that, that also occurred while training for a Mr. Olympia title protection.

In 2022, Mackey concluded in fourth position at the Tampa Professional and ninth area at the Texas Pro. In a quest to bid for his very first-ever Mr. Olympia, Mackey fell just quick of a berth.

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It is unclear what Mackey’s upcoming competitive ideas are. The athlete hasn’t alluded to any upcoming powerlifting competitions, as he mainly shares updates on his coaching development. Presumably, Mackey will be hard at get the job done this spring and summertime to vie for yet another Mr. Olympia bid.

At this amount, one particular of the world’s strongest bodybuilders may thrive in this formidable endeavor on another go-all over.

Showcased picture: @jmackey33_ifbbpro on Instagram

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