July 24, 2024

Love Shack Fancy ‘Rebel Rose’ collection is a Dreamlike Fairytale

Fairies officially came to life in a magical and enchanting way on Valentine’s days at Love Shack Fancy’s mesmerizing runway show held at the Plaza hotel.

Owner and Creative Director, Rebecca Hessel Cohen, who originally curated her fashion and lifestyle brand back in 2012, debuted a whimsical line of effortless beauty and romanticism entitled the “Rebel Rose.”

Her collection created “for the romantics at heart,” takes you on an extravagant yet dreamlike fairytale with artfully arranged looks consisting of elaborately ornamented dresses with intricate details, soft pastel hues and of course, her traditional use of orchard floral prints.

It’s evident to see that the Love Shack Fancy brand speaks its own love language. Cohen, who freshly picked delicate fabrics from Paris, included everything from silk chiffons to lace and tulle- the perfect compliments of luxurious party dresses and bridal gowns. She also recently gained international appeal by opening a store in London, so you find hints of inspiration from the British.

As NYFW models pranced down the runway in a wide assortment of styles in various shades of pinks including an over-the-top rosé-colored tulle gown with a crystal embellished bodice that was styled with an a black crop top biker jacket. In addition, she also showcased a silver metallic ruffle halter dress that moved into the realm of fantasy and a millennial pink satin suit that was to die for.

Our ultra-stylish CEO, Claire Sulmer’s who attended the NYFW show was also spotted rocking Love Shack Fancy and chose to rock a blushing rose hue long sleeve mini dress that had silver embellished buttons and was layered with a fur peak coat and patent leather thigh high boots.

It was also great to also see Cohen’s use of accessories as she practically added ritualistic bows and fuchsia, gold and black open toe platforms to every ensemble. We saw bold bows on everything from miniskirts, nude flower silk midi dresses and even saw bows in models’ hair.

Rebecca Cohen’s Love Shack Fancy runway show ultimately resembled a modern day Clueless with several frilly moments that were visually stimulating. Love Shack Fancy NYFW show was so rich in details that Cohen’s garments make for a fabulous adventure no matter the quest.

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