Mahindra 275 Price in India – Tractorgyan

The Mahindra 275 is a compact tractor specifically designed for the needs of Indian small-scale farmers. It may not be a behemoth on the field but don’t underestimate its capabilities. This little red rocket packs a punch when it comes to versatility, affordability, and maneuverability, making it a popular choice for cultivating smaller landholdings. This tractor boasts a 37-horsepower engine that’s surprisingly powerful for its size. It tackles plowing, tilling, and weeding with ease, handling a variety of tasks on farms with limited acreage. The Mahindra 275 prioritizes operator comfort with a spacious and ergonomic cabin. The easy-to-reach controls and smooth gear transmission minimize fatigue, even during long working hours. Mahindra 275 Price starts from Rs. 5.50 – 5.75 Lakh* in India. If you’re looking for a reliable and economical way to boost your farm’s productivity, the Mahindra 275 deserves serious consideration.

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