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The Sonalika 745 is a powerhouse tractor revered for its ruggedness, fuel efficiency, and versatility, making it a popular choice among Indian farmers. Sonalika 745 is built to withstand the demands of Indian farming. Its robust chassis and powerful engine tackle tough terrains with ease. The Sonalika 745 boasts a fuel-efficient engine that delivers optimal power without guzzling down diesel. This translates to lower operating costs and higher profitability for farmers. Sonalika 745 packs a punch with its 50-horsepower engine. This translates to ample power for a variety of agricultural tasks, from tilling and sowing to harvesting and threshing. Sonalika 745 Price is Rs. 6.33 – 6.59 Lakh* in India. The Sonalika 745 is a well-rounded tractor that offers a compelling combination of power, fuel efficiency, versatility, and comfort.

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