May 30, 2024

Three Reasons Why Android App Development is a Smart Move | iTechnolabs

In the present day, where customers are turning mobile-friendly, it’s simple to manage a business without a smartphone app. If you’re looking for a mobile application, it is possible to begin with Android application development. What’s the point of Android instead of any other operating system?


Four good reasons to pick Android ahead of any other OS.

  1. Android is Google’s software, and it is managed in the Google Play Store. Google Play Store is the most popular mobile app store worldwide. Visitors to the Play Store are estimated to be in the thousands. This indicates that the apps in the Google Play Store have greater exposure and have higher chances of being downloaded. The only app store in the world that has the same number of downloads and the highest level of visibility as the Google Play Store.
  2. Android application development services are much easier than the other platforms because it lets developers customize apps according to the individual’s needs. There are no limitations on creating apps, and applications developed by developers can be evaluated before they’re uploaded to the Google Play Store. Google Play Store. In simple terms, the OS encourages app development by allowing users to be innovative.
  3. Thirdly, there are the frequent updates Android gets from Google. One could say that no other operating system is as quickly maintained as Android, and that’s why the blame for keeping the OS up-to-date is due to Google, which is constantly working to make Android more friendly for users. Additionally, developers are able to try their apps out on current editions of the OS before they release the app for sale to users.
  4. The Android App Development Kit is an enormous library that could aid in the development of anything however you like. Professional developers are able to make use of SDK to create compelling apps for business. Furthermore, Android application development can be improved through the import of functions of other operating systems such as BlackBerry as Apple.

Since its beginning, Android has witnessed a steadily growing number of users. It is now the leading Smartphone market. This is yet another reason to begin the development of apps with Android. If you have your business listed through Google Play Store Google Play Store, you will have more chances of getting noticed. It will be easier to reach more people without any effort as well, and you’ll get the chance to gain an advantage over other businesses.


Google Play Store promises visibility with a lot of competition. You can clearly see that it is clear that the Google Play Store already has thousands of applications, plus more are being added every day. It is important to keep the completion criteria at the forefront of your thoughts when you work on Android app development. The application should be created so that it is accessible to its intended audience. The app should be accessible to users. It should, for instance, be of a limited life span as well as not consume too large amounts of energy and storage.


Take the points discussed earlier to be considered when creating apps for your business. Design it to be attractive, so it is easily recognizable and accessible to users so that it receives the most shares and positive reviews. Google Play Store has the highest number of reviews for the app.

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