Three-Word Method to Define Your Personal Style

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The greatest tip I’ve appear across when it arrives to defining your private fashion is to follow the “three-word method”—an method produced preferred by TikTok creator, Allison Bornstein. Strategists and creatives have utilized this method when presenting customer work for a long time. It will work for companies, men and women, and activities, but the thought of turning this lens on myself has taken on a entire new this means for me recently.

After you use the three-term method to outline your individual fashion, those people phrases then act as a filter that helps make it simpler to determine which design and style aspects you are going to convey into your household and which clothing things you’ll include to your wardrobe. It is all about discovering the unique main factors that travel you. At the time you get to know your private feeling of design and style, I come across it is less complicated to go via life as yourself—with additional self-confidence and significantly less of a pull to assess oneself to other people.

Now I’m sharing the three text that outline my private style suitable now, in addition a couple of prompts to help you determine your individual.

Defining My Private Style With the Three-Term Method

1. Common

When I search at the matters I saved on Tumblr so a lot of several years in the past, I uncover that I even now like several of them. There’s a thing about common, timeless features and simplicity that has generally been really interesting to me, and this arrives as a result of in the two my dwelling style and design and clothes decisions. Traditional is not always “in” as significantly as what is most trendy at any specified time, but it surely never ever goes out of style. 

2. Playful

This is where the perception of modernity arrives in. There is constantly an factor about what I put with each other that does not fairly “match.” I like to consist of a little bit of a twist in the system of coming up with both rooms in my property and outfits.

3. Preppy

My common design sensibility has generally leaned into preppy territory. My interpretation of preppy aspects has transformed in excess of the many years, but they have been at the forefront of my head for a very long time. They’re what my lizard mind desires and what I’m instinctually drawn to. 

Prompts to Enable You Outline Your Private Design and style

If you are having difficulties to outline your very own 3 own type terms, I’d really encourage you to do some reflection. As a beginning position, I have place with each other a record of prompts beneath to enable you get curious and become a lot more acquainted with your have style preferences. Allison Bornstein is also a wonderful source on this matter, significantly when it will come to fashion!

  • If money were no object, what would my house look like? What would my wardrobe look like? 
  • What types of clothing do I wear most generally each and every week?
  • What forms of decor items do I come across myself most drawn to?
  • What outfit would I dress in if I were to take myself out to evening meal?
  • What do I like to devote time performing when no a person is viewing? 

Here’s to exploring and celebrating our particular perception of type in our have way each single day.

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