July 23, 2024

Toyota FJ Cruiser Overlander Tiny Home Is Ready For Big Adventures

Motorhomes appear in many styles and measurements. We’ve observed large ones that are just about like full-sizing homes on wheels, when very small ones have also been coming to mild to confirm to us that a nomadic way of everyday living does not usually warrant a substantial automobile. Nevertheless, one’s lifestyle will often influence the dimensions and abilities of their rides.

For Juliana, dwelling total-time on the road in her 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser Overlander SUV just fits her way of living. Featured on Little Dwelling Large Journey, Juliana performs as a trail guideline for Onyx Off-Street, a job that supports her decided on van lifetime.

Juliana shared that residing on the road can be complicated at moments. Even so, she finds it freeing, and her wish to check out scenic and rugged regions of the US desired a extremely able off-roading vehicle, consequently her choice of motor vehicle.

Juliana affectionately calls her FJ Cruiser motorhome “Wreck,” limited for “Recycle,” as every thing on the car is both recycled, discontinued, or discounted. She has produced various modifications to her Toyota SUV, which includes introducing a bison gear roof rack, photo voltaic panels, and zip-tied headlights and lights. The roof rack is however in the process of being put jointly, but Juliana has storage containers on it, which she employs to retail store her belongings. The solar panels on the roof of her automobile provide her with 200 watts of ability.

Residing on the road can be difficult, Juliana admits, primarily when you do not have access to facilities this kind of as a rest room or working h2o. Even so, she chooses to reside working day by day and go with the circulation, not worrying about what the long run retains. She enjoys the sense of liberty and feeling alive that this lifestyle presents.

Juliana’s FJ Cruiser Overland tiny residence may possibly not be the most magnificent or roomy, but it allows her to are living her dream of exploring the great outdoors and living existence on the road. She encourages others to look at substitute lifestyles and to locate what can make them truly feel alive.

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