Unveiling the Cloud: CIOs Shaping the Future of Cloud Computing

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In this technologically advanced world, companies adopting cloud computing quickly bring new opportunities to the market. IT professionals have the bandwidth to innovate new models and software, which eventually scale up better business efficiency and reduce the risk of technology hazards.

However, it is quite unfortunate that most CIOs still implement the traditional models that may have been successful in the past. Still, in this digitalized world, it is almost impossible to work without cloud computing.

Embracing cloud computing in enterprises ignites innovation, agility, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Therefore, cloud migration leads to a transformative journey by implementing business innovations such as next-generation hosting applications or data platforms to stay ahead of business competition.

Ensuring Successful Cloud Migration

Adopting cloud computing is essential to kickstarting your digital journey for your modern business. CIOs play a pivotal role in successfully navigating cloud computing’s opportunities by prioritizing governance programs, technical and domain knowledge, and cloud migration procedures.

Here are a few focus areas that CIOs must take care of to ensure a successful cloud migration:

Domain and Technical Proficiency

The initial step is to assess the current team’s capabilities and chalk out a structured plan for a smooth cloud journey. CIOs need to make sure that the team is well versed in cloud technology and their business domain to successfully migrate applications to the cloud computing system. IT professionals and HR professionals need to be trained and upskilled, which will help in developing an assessment to understand which departments need cloud computing the most. The use of methodology ensures that a verifiable Definition of Done (DoD)

These digital capabilities enable your enterprise’s IT goals based on security, uptime, and cost. As businesses have the same goals to achieve cloud models,  by joining these dots, IT leaders can change the external world by implementing cloud operating models to achieve the key metrics.

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