May 26, 2024

Voice of customers matter and we can’t make them wait!


Voice AI is a speedily rising engineering that permits equipment to fully grasp and reply to human speech. Voice AI programs are created on a foundation of speech recognition, all-natural language processing, and machine studying algorithms. By leveraging these technologies, voice AI methods can present a range of added benefits for enterprises, together with the potential to automate responsibilities, boost customer services, and enhance performance. Voice AI is also getting increasingly well known with buyers, as it enables them to interact with equipment in a extra purely natural way. As voice AI technology carries on to evolve, it will have a transformative effects on the way we reside and operate. is a pioneer in the conversational voice AI space. We provide the world’s primary system for voice AI, enabling enterprises to make and deploy voice AI apps rapidly and easily whilst making purchaser conversations more human and genuine. We also offer a complete suite of voice AI providers, including progress, teaching, and support. Our system is applied by some of the world’s major enterprises, and our mission is to make voice AI obtainable to anyone.

As portion of its Voice 2. item suite, has established an thrilling attribute on “Latency Reduction for Swift Responses.” Ahead of we delve deep on this attribute, let’s acquire a stage back again and understand what latency is and its value for shoppers and models.

What is latency and why is it important for businesses?

We all fully grasp that to make the conversations certainly humanized and purely natural with close people, the voice bot needs to speedily and aptly respond to queries. The time amongst the consumer query and the bot response is identified as Latency. The reduce the latency is, the more quickly the reaction will be and the richer the purchaser expertise will be. 

At the exact same time, the bot really should also let the consumers to comprehensive what they are saying, understand their intent proficiently and respond appropriately. If the voice bot can take a great deal of time to react, the shopper may possibly imagine that the bot is not adequately responsive and may drop off. This will direct to a bad purchaser experience and will have a adverse effect on manufacturer loyalty. 

Why and how the latency receives substantial

In a normal customer–voice bot dialogue, there are a collection of measures that arise. To start with, the customer’s voice is converted to textual content by way of STT (speech-to-text) expert services. This transformed textual content is go through by the NLP engine to have an understanding of the consumer intent. Once the intent and query are understood, the NLP motor then accordingly provides a text response. This textual content reaction is converted back again into a voice reaction to the client by the TTS (text-to-speech) products and services of the platform. This process repeats for each and every buyer-bot interaction during the whole discussion. Now the latency will get bigger simply because the STT companies are operate on a static architecture and the STT conversion happens in a sequential manner after the client completes talking each time.

Sample Recording – Large Latency Conversation

Play Pause cuts latency by 50% engineers cracked the code in bringing down the latency of voice AI brokers. The workforce deployed a genuinely dynamic architecture, with STT processing now finished in parallel as the purchaser speaks. 

With this, our groups have achieved a 50% reduction in latency (from an common latency of about 3.1 seconds to about 1.5 seconds) and therefore producing the responses to shoppers much speedier and much more humanized. 

Sample Recording – New and enriched small latency dialogue

Play Pause

We shall plainly see the variation in the swiftness of the response with the new enriched sample recording compared to the previously a single, which potential customers to a satisfying and delightful buyer voice bot dialogue. We firmly consider that today’s modern electronic brand names will benefit enormously by deploying this technologies to deal with their consumer queries not only faster but also with a increased level of comprehension of purchaser intent and an apt humanized response to their queries. voice AI agents are also adaptive to consumer interruptions by properly stopping and listening to what the customer is expressing and then supplying an effective and swift response, now driven by its advanced very low latency levels!’s multi-lingual and field-agnostic voice AI agents can elevate consumer practical experience for your brand in 100+ international languages.


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