What It Feels Like to Light Travel

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What It Feels Like to Light-weight Journey

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Printed on: March 16, 2023

What It Feels Like to Light Travel

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These are principles and techniques that we’re deeply curious about. They generally slide outside the realm of common biomedicine but actually resonate with some.

When I was 1st asked if I desired to light-weight journey, the only reaction I could muster was: “Huh?” But right after a minimal investigation, I was all in.

Light travel is a apply pioneered by neurologist and psychologist Dirk Proeckl and scientific psychologist and psychotherapist Engelbert Winkler. Flashing light styles, most generally facilitated by a lamp termed Lucia N°03, theoretically let you to enter a deep meditative state, effortlessly—without the mental concentrate required to look at your feelings, quiet your thoughts, or aim on your breath. It’s like a light-induced meditation.

I soon discovered myself lying down on a pleasantly cushioned, sheer-draped cover mattress with a Lucia N°03 gentle positioned above my head. Theresa Peoples, a Lucia N°03 light practitioner and owner of Flower of Mild Lucia, who guides people today as a result of mild travel at her household studio, positioned headphones over my ears and pressed participate in on a soothing soundtrack. (The Lucia N°03 light lamp, which has one halogen light in the center surrounded by 8 LED lights, is related to a computer software. The individual guiding your session—Peoples, in my case—controls anything from a notebook, stopping and starting the system and adjusting the depth primarily based on your preference.)

Just after I closed my eyes and Peoples turned on the Lucia N°03 lamp, I right away observed vibrant, kaleidoscope-like fractal designs as if they ended up taking part in throughout a screen on my eyelids. Inside of minutes, my views started to float away right before I could comprehensive a sentence. And then my intellect chatter stopped fully. I was in a preset point out of awe, unaware of time and house. I was light traveling.

I just cannot bear in mind considerably else about my 90-minute session (which appeared like 10 minutes), other than that it felt very comforting and a little bit out of this environment. And afterward, it took a several minutes of wiggling my toes, sipping warm natural tea, and nibbling dried white mulberries to reawaken my senses and truly feel like I was completely in my body again.

Preferably, it’s finest to light journey at evening, capture a ride household, and right away go to bed. I went in the afternoon, even though, and wanted to get my daughter from university. In some way, even driving in LA visitors, I felt extremely quiet (in a superior, safe and sound-to-drive way). That emotion lasted for a couple of days.

The Results of Lucia Light

Primarily, the intent of the Lucia N°03 light is to guideline you into what is referred to as an alpha-theta hypnagogic condition. It’s a phase wherever our mind waves are someplace concerning the alpha (8 to 13 hertz) and theta (4 to 7.9 hertz) frequencies—between relaxation and a deep meditative point out that evokes creative imagination and lucid dreaming.

What’s happening in the mind through the session? How is flashing gentle so impactful, even with your eyes shut? We requested Jamie M. Zeitzer, PhD, an affiliate professor in the Division of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford College. “Exactly how it operates, no one&#8217s really sure,” suggests Zeitzer. Scientists do know that the flashing light-weight synchronizes or entrains the mind to (much more or fewer) harmonize in a way that it usually doesn’t, except if you’re sleeping or suffering from a seizure. And the eyelids act as a mild filter (about 90 per cent of mild is blocked), but a lot still reaches the mind to have an outcome.

There is not considerably research on this therapy, but there are some budding hypotheses that mild therapy triggers the boost of certain neurotransmitters, like acetylcholine (a popular neurotransmitter in the course of the entire body). It’s also achievable that there are changes in the sensitivity of the thalamus, a mind region known for its role in features like the slumber-and-wake cycle, ache, senses (besides smelling), cognition, arousal, and motor expertise.

In which to Go Gentle Touring

It’s worthy of a test if you’re open to enduring light-weight vacation with out any expectation of a unique outcome—a gentle exploration, so to speak. But heading to a dependable experienced is crucial. “The specific frequency and how they&#8217re used can [deliver] quite unique results on the mind,” suggests Zeitzer. IntoMeSea in Santa Monica presents light-weight vacation sessions for a person or two folks at a time. Flower of Light Lucia delivers unique, couples, and team mild classes at its home studio and does nearby dwelling visits in the higher Los Angeles place.

Warning: If you have a background of light-induced epileptic seizures, this therapy could induce seizures throughout your session. You can be examined by your physician with an EEG to ascertain whether a seizure is very likely to happen throughout a session, but there will generally be some risk.

The Lucia N°03 light is not a medical product, but we generally suggest consulting your medical professional prior to making an attempt a new treatment.

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