What It Means To Be A Digital Marketing Agency For E-commerce Businesses?

E-commerce is basically a type of business which has its presence on the internet and operates a virtual shop from their website. When the e-commerce trend begun, only new ventures went out to create a website and started selling. Then, a lot of old school brick and mortar shops also created their e-commerce websites and aggressively pushed them in order to gain their fair share of internet business. 


India is the hub of many businesses-both established and new. With the ease of doing business over the internet, a lot of new age businesses in e-commerce sector have opened up. This has led to an increase in the number of marketing agencies in the region. A good digital marketing agency handles multiple clients from the e-commerce industry.


Similarly, a good digital marketing agency also gets a lot of business from clients in e-commerce sector. There are a few things which are unique to the marketing campaigns which are designed by agencies for the e-commerce clients.


The user experience of the website: Any successful marketing campaign’s objective is to bring customers on the website with them having intent of making a purchase from the site. Marketing can make the consumer interested but the quality of the product versus its cost, and more importantly, the user’s experience of the website helps in them making the decision. Therefore, a good agency will always suggest its client to have a good user experience on their site.


Shopping campaigns in Adwords: With most of the e-commerce sites having hundreds of products, it becomes difficult for the site to come on top of Google on various keywords for each product. Also, with multiple sites offering similar products, each of them tries to compete for top space on Google, which will promise that the consumer will land of their site first. Thus, the Adwords strategy needs to be very strong in which the keywords bids and the selection of keywords both need to be impeccable to ensure that an optimal cost per acquisition can be reached, and there’s an impressive return on investment.


Social Media campaign: Unlike social media campaigns for a single product or service brand, where social media campaigns can be revolved around general themes (in addition to the product or service), majority focus in case of an e-commerce social media campaign is towards the variety of products for each category while ensuring that their features and quality is properly highlighted and communicated in front of the audience. Also, in India-which is a cost conscious consumer audience, ample discounts and offers also need to be communicated via the social media effort. Another factor which plays an important role in this platform’s case is that people tend to shop from trusted and credible brands or site-the names of which they’ve heard before. This makes them feel more comfortable towards the quality of product and the mount they spend towards it. Thus, social media effort also ensures that the website’s brand name is repetitively presented in front of the selected target groups that they eventually start recognizing it and thus, feel comfortable in making purchases.


Therefore, though the media in case of an e-commerce site’s marketing campaign might be same as in the case of a different client, the strategy and execution in e-commerce client’s case varies as mentioned above.

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