June 24, 2024

Dopest Cars for Sale Online

Image for article titled Ducati SportClassic, Yenko Camaro, Ford Surveillance Van: The Dopest Cars I Found for Sale Online

Photograph: Craigslist

You examine that correct. This is a actual, genuine, former-government-problem surveillance van. It is total of CRT screens and recording tools, the inside of is rigged for electrical power, there even seems to be some form of periscope setup on the ceiling. The seller claims this Ford is a “Rare and genuine ex-authorities spy car or truck for the discreet adventurer” — creepy, positive, but totally plausible.

This is, admittedly, an appealing definition of “discreet adventurer.” Generally, when it arrives to vans, that just indicates “something you can park at Walmart right away to slumber in with no drawing suspicion.” This van is surely created not to attract suspicion, but for quite various causes.

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