June 21, 2024

Toyota Hilux Joins Roster Of McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys In Japan

The Toyota Hilux, or the pickup truck section as a whole, is also regarded as a toy for the massive boys. Grown ups costume up these vehicles, play with them, and generate them to wherever their imaginations choose them. On the other hand, McDonald’s in Japan wants to confirm that little ones can enjoy with their Hilux, far too, albeit a bit scaled down for those cute minimal hands.

McDonald’s Japan has not long ago additional the Toyota Hilux Tomica to its roster of Delighted Food toys. The addition of the truck was announced in a YouTube video clip featuring a Hilux Tomica producing its way via a fantasy globe of huge hamburgers and french fries, representing a kid’s creativity.

Of observe, Toyota reintroduced the Hilux in Japan in 2017. Before that, the midsize truck was not provided in its residence industry considering that 2004. The to start with Hilux was launched in the Japanese sector over 50 years ago in 1968.

The collaboration amongst Toyota, Tomica, and McDonald’s in Japan is just not new. The a few firms have been functioning with each other for rather some time. In 2017, a Toyota 86 McDonalds Racing Car or truck was unveiled as a McDonald’s Delighted Food toy, which can also be obtained by exchanging a Tomica ticket from an issue of Mebae magazine.

Meanwhile, a Toyota GR Supra Tomica toy was also launched in 2020, which arrived with each and every Satisfied Food purchase. We will wager that that particular Happy Meal established was common with Japanese vehicle men then.

The Hilux Tomica McDonald’s Delighted Food set is accessible in Japan starting April 14. It is really unlikely that the US will get a very similar Delighted Meal set, specifically contemplating that the nameplate is just not currently offered stateside. Having said that, if you’re truly itching to get your hands on a equivalent Hilux toy, Passion Link Japan need to be in a position to ship 1 for you with a wide variety of decisions on its web site.

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