Introducing Zoom Phone Integration with Zoho CRM

Introducing Zoom Phone Integration with Zoho CRM

The integration of Zoom Phone with Zoho CRM is a great leap forward in the way businesses manage their customer experience. With this integration, companies now have the ability to streamline the customer experience by providing a seamless communication channel between their customers and the business.

Features & Benefits

  • Robust integration: Zoom Phone’s integration with Zoho CRM is highly adaptable and secure, making sure that businesses don’t miss out on any important customer communication.
  • Integrated reporting: With the Zoom Phone-Zoho CRM integration, businesses can generate reports to measure progress and trends in customer conversations.
  • Call routing: The integration allows for call routing, allowing businesses to make sure their customers are connected with the right employees instantly.
  • One-click setup: Setting up Zoom Phone with Zoho CRM is simple and intuitive. With a few clicks of the mouse, businesses can have their customer experience streamlined.
  • Cloud-based: Zoom Phone is a cloud-based solution, meaning businesses don’t have to worry about their hardware going out of date or their data being lost.


The integration of Zoom Phone and Zoho CRM is a great benefit to businesses of all sizes. By providing a streamlined communication channel between customers and businesses, businesses can not only save time and resources but also boost customer satisfaction. With the added features and benefits of Zoom Phone’s integration to Zoho CRM, this is a great way to make sure customer experience is not compromised.

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