May 28, 2024

Top Food Delivery Services Apps for Android in 2024

In India, we have no shortage of food delivery services apps. If you open the Google Play Store on your Android and search for food delivery apps, then you will find a long list of apps for food delivery. These are undoubtedly good food delivery platforms, but you cannot install all of them on your phones, right?

We need a selected number of top food delivery apps that will cater to our requirements. Through this article, we want to list out some of the top food delivery apps in India.

These are some of the best food delivery apps that will offer you several benefits, such as fast food delivery, rewards and offers, live tracking, fresh meals, and a great list of dishes from all over the world.



Top Food Delivery Services Apps in India



1. HathMe Food Delivery App

The HathMe food delivery app is one of its kind; therefore, it deserves a place as one of the top food delivery apps in 2024. HathMe is offering several perks to its merchants so that customers can benefit.

The food orders on HathMe are supposed to be very cost-effective. The advantages HathMe is offering to its merchants are zero registration charges, free delivery for the merchants, and lower commission rates with GST included.

Its customers will get benefits such as quick food delivery, live tracking of their orders, multiple payment options, and a variety of restaurants to choose from.



2. EatSure

The most unique feature of EatSure is that you can order food from multiple restaurants in a single order. EatSure claims to be fully free of artificial colors or artificial flavors and prioritizes safety, hygiene, and taste. They believe in 100% transparency and thus provide complete information about your food and the ingredients added to it. EatSure ensures that you get fresh and nutritious meals.

Other features of EatSure include quick delivery, sure points, delivery for party orders, etc.

Through EatSure, you can also do some philanthropic work by participating in their initiative called GiveSure. You can feed the underprivileged by donating a meal. The cost of 10 meals will amount to 350 INR.



3. Zomato

Zomato has more than 100 million installs on the Google Play Store, which means it has a huge number of active users as well as restaurants. Zomato has a comprehensive and detailed user database, which helps to understand what is popular at a particular location and make suggestions accordingly.

Zomato has several great features, like regular offers and discounts, contactless food delivery, fast food delivery, multiple payment options, and the option to browse cafes and restaurants. On Zomato, you can either order food at your place or do an advance booking for take-outs or dining.



4. Swiggy

Swiggy is another giant food delivery app in India. It has over 50 million installs on the Google Play Store. Swiggy claims that it can deliver food at lightning-fast speed. It has no minimum order conditions, live order tracking, multiple payment options, and top Indian and international cuisines.

Swiggy started in 2014 with only 35 orders in its initial month, but throughout these years it has seen immense growth. Swiggy has 150000+ restaurants countrywide and is spread over 500+ cities across India.



5. FreshMenu

The only motto Fresh Menu swears by is that everything should be farm-fresh. Fresh Menu uses farm-fresh ingredients and keeps changing its menu every day. They serve not only Indian cuisines but also international cuisines like Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Spanish, and so on.

Fresh Menu was founded in 2012, and it operates somewhere around 44 dark kitchens. They have highly experienced chefs who will prepare healthy and hygienic meals for you. They have a 45 minute food delivery service.



6. EatFit

EatFit was started with the goal of making safe, healthy, hygienic, nutritious, and delicious meals easily available to people. They use 100% organic items to prepare each meal. Their farm-fresh vegetables ensure more nutrients. They have been operating since 2012, and they offer regular meals, keto meals, breakfasts, vegan meals, raw organic juices, and snacks on a subscription basis. They offer a discount of 20% on their first order.

For someone who is health conscious and fitness is their priority, we suggest you try out EatFit.



7. Box8

Box8, as mentioned on its website, is India’s fastest growing food delivery service that offers delivery-on-demand.They started with the desire to offer Indian food to their customers, but with a twist. It was started in 2012, and currently it has over 300 outlets spread over Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Their other USP is delivering meals in handy, easy-to-carry boxes.

They claim to do superfast delivery under 38 minutes with no delivery charges, and the best part is that they deliver till 1 a.m. at night.



8. La Pino’z Pizza

La Pino’z Pizza was first launched and opened in Chandigarh in 2011. Despite there being no shortage of pizzerias in India, the founder of La Pino’z Pizza went ahead with his plan to open another pizzeria and still found success. He wanted to make La Pino’z Pizza stand out, so he came up with the idea that he would make pizzas on-demand with fresh ingredients. La Pino’z’s customizable pizzas became popular among the people, and gradually more than 600 outlets have been opened all over India.



9. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is another great food delivery app for pizzas. Domino’s has several outlets all over the world, and the same goes for India. You can find Domino’s Pizza in many Indian cities. They have many vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza options. They do quick deliveries and have different payment options as per your preference. Look out for ongoing discounts or combo offers on the app to maximize your savings.




The above-mentioned apps are some of the top food delivery apps in 2024. You can easily find them on the Google Play Store and download them after checking their specifications, ratings, and reviews.

Do not wait any further; download some of these apps, register yourself, add your address along with your preferred mode of payment, and order your favorite meal.


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